Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Morning Post - First Day of Summer 2014

It never fails, when the first day of Summer approaches so do a handful of weddings.  Here is one from this weekend.  
When Andi Saxton with Sego Event Planning and Floral Design came to me with this wedding I knew it was going to be beautiful and it was.  I am sure you all will agree. 
Andi Saxton always looking fabulous!

Dark Fruit Wood Chiavari Chairs and Linens - Marcie Taylor with Red Poppy Linens and Chairs
Floral and Event Design - Andi Saxton with Sego Floral
Catering - Off Premise Catering
Venue - Private Residence

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Back to work

For those who know me you know that for the last few months the event business has not been a priority in my life.  You never know when your life will be turned upside down and the priorities in your life are put in check.  That is what happened when my daughter was hit by a drunk driver while riding her bike in Tahiti back in December while serving a mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I had amazing support from my fellow industry friends.  The morning after we heard the news I had friends at my door bringing me flowers, a hug, a care package of things that we would need for our trip to Tahiti to bring Morgan home.  They would cry with me and offer to help in anyway.  Their are so many great people in our community.  I love you all!!! Now, my family is doing great.  Morgan is doing so well and her recovery is amazing.  She is waiting for the visa paperwork to be finished so she can return to finish her mission.  She is truly an example to everyone around her..whether she wants to be or not:)... of a hard working, dedicated person who never gives up.  It's been tough for her with difficult things to overcome and she did it and still does it everyday.  I love her more than can be said!  I haven't been working a lot during this time but this past weekend it was busy and I loved it!  I loved being back watching these creative ladies do their jobs.  Andi Saxton with Sego Floral and Vicki with Ella Bella Floral had beautiful weddings Saturday.  What talented people they are. I have some photos I took of Andi's event that I will post today and hopefully will have some of Vicki's to post soon.  So...back to work!!