Friday, January 20, 2012

Red Poppy Linens

So excited for this year and the weddings and events ahead! I have been working with Nikkol who heads the Bliss Magazine and Bliss wedding show here in Cache Valley. She also has been doing invitations and signage for weddings So I knew she was the one to help me come up with a name and logo for my business. She came by today with my logo and I LOVE IT!! It will debut tomorrow at the Northern Utah Bridal Show in the Davis Conference Center. The Name is Red Poppy Linens. I wanted something fun and went through many names but I loved Red Poppy right from the start! And really...I don't know anyone who doesn't love red poppies! Check back tomorrow for a look at the new logo! I am excited to meet the new brides tomorrow and am curious what the colors will be for the year. Last year plum was the color so we will see if another color will be taking its place or if it will go strong another summer. Vintage theamed weddings were very "in" last year but I am sensing a more modern approach will start to come about this year. I will let you know what I hear! Happy Weekend! Marcie--Owner of Red Poppy Linens-- I love it!