Thursday, July 23, 2015

Driggs Idaho Wedding | July 2015

Farm tables, Fruitwood Chiavari Chairs, Linen Runner | Red Poppy Linens and Chairs
This wedding, Oh this wedding!  I have been looking forward to helping with this wedding for months now. The reasons why?
1- The concept board at the beginning was beautiful
2- It was is Driggs, Idaho.  Meaning it would be an adventure.
3- It was not "blush"  Don't get me wrong I love blush weddings.  They are beautiful!  But the opportunity to change it up a bit made me happy!
4 - The Bride was awesome!  So relaxed and such a sweet girl. 
5 - Which is the most important reason,  It was my sweet friend Andi's last event she was planning before she passed away in March. 
It rained the entire time except for the 20 minutes during the ceremony.  It was such a chaotic setup.  We would get things up and then hurry to take down when the rain started.  When the ceremony was about to start we set the linens and flowers on the tables and just figured to go with it.  And... it rained the rest of the evening.  It really did turn out beautiful in spite of the weather.  When we were hurrying to get things setup I walked into the garage and at my feet was Andi's work bag.  It shocked me and I was a bit emotional.  I have not seen that bag for a few months now.  I miss her like crazy.  Not only do I miss working with her but most of all I miss her as my friend.  I think she would be happy with how this wedding turned out. It took a village to pull this off.  Off-Premise Catering , The Graceful Baker, Sego Floral

Garden Chairs and Linens | Red Poppy Linens and Chairs
Floral | Sego Floral

Scraped cake | The Graceful Baker

Throw pillows | Red Poppy Linens and Chairs

Navy/White Stripe Satin Linen and High Boy Table | Red Poppy Linens and Chairs

Barrels and Tops for buffet | Off Premise Catering

Off Premise Catering